Investor Relations

Kalcer Group, LLC has a time-honored relationship with its investors and take pride in the success of their developments. Due to the group founder’s high values, long-term financial success and experience, as well as their dedication and maintenance of new project flow, Kalcer Group often has interested investors eager to participate and share in the success.

Likewise, real estate development and renovation is a capital intensive industry; requiring access to liquid funds both to take advantage of profitable acquisition opportunities and to properly execute construction, development and renovation efforts.  This dynamic nature of projects often leads to funding needs to facilitate project acquisition and execution.

We have found the answer that provides a win-win solution for both investors and Kalcer Group, where investors have the opportunity to participate in potential above-market returns in risk-lowering way, and Kalcer Group gains access to the liquidity it needs to maximize success.

Kalcer Group has established an exclusive relationship with Private Investment Results Group (PIRG) for its internal funding.  Private Investment Results Group has created multiple reduced-risk financial instruments for participating in Kalcer Group projects.  More information about it is available via the Private Investment Results Group website.

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