Our Mission

The mission of Kalcer Group, LLC is to provide value to our customers and the communities that we serve by renovating desirable buildings and homes, and adding value to incomplete development projects and underdeveloped land.

The key steps in our process are:

• Identify and evaluate properties and projects capable of achieving consistently high returns

Project factors include:
— Property potential
— Local market demand and overall economic condition
— Acquisition cost
— Development/renovation costs and project duration
— Expected marketing requirements and duration
— Other unique project attributes

• Determine the best path forward for a property to achieve the optimal value
• Develop or complete project to realize marketability
• Market and sell the completed buildings, units or homes to end customers

Kalcer Group is able to produce value for itself while improving the local community by specializing in value-add projects, often distressed through bank-owned status, developer undercapitalization or other causes.

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